Highland Bowl is committed to your safety. We have instituted many safety procedures. A list of those are below. They include but are not limited to the following. Please follow all of our staffs instructions and signage for maximum safety.
1. Constant cleaning of all touch points with a CDC approved solution. Bowling shoes as always are cleaned between customers. Socks will be required for use with our rental shoes. We will have some for purchase for your convenience. 
2. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE DRINK OR FOOD CONTAINERS will be allowed into our center. We have no way of knowing their safety.
3. Face coverings MUST be worn if NOT vaccinated.  We strongly ask that you don't complain to our staff about this. It is not our rule but we must enforce it. No Mask shaming of any kind will be tolerated. 
4. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed to help you stay safe. Customers are encouraged to also bring their own additional sanitizer if it makes you feel better.  
5. Names of players can be entered by our staff at check in to reduce the contact with the scoring units.
6. Lane areas are cleaned after every customer. Our new system puts lanes into a cleaning mode that alerts us when finished.
7. Bowling balls are cleaned between customers and no longer left out on the lanes. Customers will be given cleaned bowling balls for their use. Do NOT use any bowling balls not assigned to your lanes.
8.Touch-less bathroom fixtures have been installed to help minimize contact.
9. Hours may be limited and change without notice. Please call with any questions. 
The above items and other changes deemed necessary will be used. Highland Bowl reserves the right to maintain the facility to the standards deemed necessary for customer safety and enjoyment.